We at Iceland All The Way got the request of helping out with production of a music video of a german singer. Including in the request was finding spots which would be according to the script of the music video. The producer Kim Frank had been in Iceland before for similiar work and allready had specific landscapes in mind. So after few e-mails and discussions we put to together itineray which was all included shots in the highlands. Most off our shoutings where in Landamannalaugar area or on the way to the highlands, Þjórsársdalur,Þjórsá, Hekla, Dómadalur, Álftavatn and last but not least the magical area Hattver in Jökulgil.

To get to that magical place we needed to og trough the National park Vatnajökull where there is no driving allowed with out a permission an follow by the park rangers and the officials from the the Environment Agency of Iceland.

This was shot in September so the weather was a little unstable so we had all kinds of weather, heavy wind, rain etc. Actually that was what we need to get the right feeling to the video.

During planing the project we did not know much about the singer / artist. In Iceland German singers or music is not so common to hear but the singer was Mark Forsters a big player in German speaking countries, like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and etc.

This was a grate experiance for us at Iceland all the way and we would love to do this again.

You can seet he video on youtube here: https://youtu.be/7h7ntYLLrfQ

And you can also get Mark Forsters music on spotify.

Kristjan Erling Jónsson