Tour description

The most popular tour in all of Iceland is the so-called Golden circle tour. The first stop is Þingvellir or The Parliament Fields.  Þingvellir is a crystal-clear water lake surrounded with volcanos and is our oldest national park dating back to 1930. This is where you can witness the continental drift and learn about our Viking heritage. The second stop is the geothermal park with the very famous Geysir, the father of all hot springs. Be amazed by Strokkur, a fountain geyser that blows 40 feet up in the air every 5-10 min. Then back through the lowlands to a magnificent 100 ft. glacial river waterfall called the Golden waterfall. Finally, we head back for two-hour drive through the best farmland landscape in Iceland. This is a perfect idea for a romantic private tour.

Note: Various food options enroute

Tour photos