Project Description

Following a recommendation from  a couple who visited with us last year, we received  a request via email from Sue Knowles from Brighton England who was looking for an adventure of a life time in Iceland in December,  this was to help  celebrate here husbands 50th birthday along with herself and Andrew, Mark’s brother.

Based on their ideas, we put together an itinerary, which included everything Sue had asked and more. Sightseeing and travelling in a Super jeep in the snow, Blue lagoon bathing, Snowmobiling, Dog sledding, and Northern lights show.

1st day – Blue Lagoon

Pick up from the airport in the afternoon, then straight to the  Blue Lagoon for a complimentary Silica face mask, glass of bubbles, wine or beer and a relaxing bathe they then had dinner at the Lava restaurant After dinner we drove to the west to Skorradalur where  our accommodation was in a lodge (log cabin) for the night. We were hoping to see the lights that night but unfortunately not, the sky was completely overcast.

2nd day – Golden circle & Snowmobiling

After a nice (hearty breakfast of meats, Icelandic yoghurt, Herrings, Eggs and fruit, along with some home cooked bread) breakfast we drove from the west trough farmland seeing some sheep and horses. This was on route over the highlands to Þingvellir national park to walk and see the historical sight and the rift zone between the 2 tectonic plates. From there we continued to Geysir area where we saw the hot spring Strokkur erupting a few times. After a little lunch at Geysir bistro we drove towards the second largest glacier in Iceland Langjökull driving in the snow, deflating the tires on the Super Jeep, down to 5psi to make it to the Glacier area, there we were supplied with complete weather proof gear for a fun 1hr snowmobile ride. After the adrenalin dos we drove back from the Glacier to Gullfoss Waterfall to see it from a few different angles before it became too dark. From Gullfoss we drove straight down to the lowlands in the south to our lodge accommodation for the night. When we got there we prepared a nice barbeque dinner following a dip in the hot tub, with a few glasses of Wine. We were hoping to see the lights on this night but no show, it was heavy overcast and snowfall, but still nice to sit in the hot tub.

3rd day – Volcano and waterfalls

From our lodge it was a short drive to Seljalandsfoss waterfall where we walked behind the waterfall. After getting in the Defender (super Jeep) again we drove to Gígjökull glacier outlet to see the remains from the floods from the glacier outlet during the 2010 eruption in the Glacier/volcano Eyjafjallajökull above us. Getting there we crossed several streams and glacial rivers, not possible to do in a tour bus! Driving back on the main road alongside the Eyjafjöll mountains we stopped at Þorvaldseyri farm Visistors Centre , which is run by the family who own the farm,   to watch a 20 minute documentary about the eruption in Eyjafjallajökull and Fimmvörðuháls in 2010. After the movie we continued to the waterfall Skógafoss and then down to Svarta fjaran the black beach to see the big waves and the black basaltic hexagon rock formation. After an active day we drove back towards the lodge stopping in a cave to have a word with the elves, arriving in late afternoon we started preparing another barbeque dinner followed by a relaxing dip in the hot tub. This night we were expecting to see some lights so we drove out to complete darkness, to give ourselves  a better chance, but after 2 ½ hr’s drive we decided to give it a rest for the night.

4th day – “Dogsledding”

After breakfast and packing we headed to Þykkvibær to visit Gyða at Vos hotel where we met some Icelandic horses and sheep. We continued our way with another stop at the wool farmers market to get a original wool sweater for Sue, on our way to the dog sledding area we also took a stop at Tré og List which is a wood carving art exhibition made by artists in the region. Arriving at the dog sledding Sue prepared for the „Dry dog sledding“because this time there wasn’t any snow for the sleds, we left Sue there for an hour while we drove down to the ocean and took a little drive in the black sand beach. The weather was getting worse and the main roads to Reykjavík where closed so we drove alongside the Reykjanes peninsula and safely arrived at the airport hotel for their departure the following morning.

This was a great four day fun adventure with Sue, Mark and Andrew full of activities but they will have to come back again to get a Northern lights show because unfortunately the weather conditions and activity levels of the Aurora Borialis where not in sync and not in our favour to be seen on this trip They did say that although the lights were an important “Bucket List” item, not seeing them didn’t really matter – they had the trip of a lifetime and are pleased to have a reason to return.